Hii! This page hasn’t been updated for too long as we have been focusing on our Instagram, Facebook, Telegram Channel and Newsletter to keep you updated. However, soon we would like to give you an overview here again – stay tuneeed 🙂

Here we will inform you about our upcoming events

March 2022: Glamorous Connection Dinner (24.3.)

Glamorous Connection Dinner

24.3.2022 from 6.30 to 10 pm

@Radikalecker, Weserstraße, Berlin

Come as your glamorous self & connect to other glamorous souls during a delicious vegan dinner!

We will start at 7 pm with a little introduction round – please be there on time! Through connection games, food, and conversations we will get to know each other on different levels and have a glamorous evening.


This is an invitation to get dressed up as much as you want, there is no such thing as too glamorous!

There will be 8 spaces for you so if you want to join please sign up via

We will ask you to transfer us between 25 and 45 Euros for the evening. 25 Euros pp goes to the Café and with the rest we would cover our expenses. The dinner will include a main vegan dish and a dessert as well as water. Also other drinks are available, Radikalecker doesn’t serve alcohol. If you have any allergies please write to us!

Everyone should come tested from the same day – we will check that at the entrance.

The following ideas are already pretty clear and some just need some more patience to be birthed:

  • dinner with strangers @Radikalecker in March or April with a very apocalyptic theme 😉
  • co-coaching matching event @Radikalecker
  • movement & sound playshops
  • vision walk in Plänterwald
  • dance dance dance events (hopefully also at sober events!)
  • monthly PLAYBOOK gatherings (online or in person)
  • Connecting to Vulvas in person <3

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~ Past events so you can get an idea about what we offer ~


Every month we have a PLAYBOOK event with a different topic: in January 2022 the topic was mirror play and in February 2022 mask play to set the base for upcoming explorations.

Dance & Vision walk – after a very momo-like playlist and dancing, jumping and screaming around we went on a vision walk and connected deeply to our senses. One of momos favourite tools – simple & so “effective”!

Connection Café – Kreuzberg – an evening of connection through questions such as “What makes you feel alive?” or “What kind of emotion do you find difficult to express?”.

Connecting in Nature – Retreat at Lottschesee – a weekend at a lake 1 hour north of Berlin (Lottschesee) with the focus to connect with ourselves, with other like minded people and with nature –

Connecting to Vulvas – guided Yoni Meditation, Vulva Gazing and a Vulva Massage, getting creative with watercolor, Acryl and/or clay, learning more about our anatomy as well as some questions to reflect & sharing –

Game Night – community event @Radikalecker – an evening full of games in a cozy atmosphere & an easy way to get to know people (the people who meet here continued doing game nights – that makes us feel as if we fulfilled our purpose of connecting!) –

Sharing Circles – sharing and listening from our hearts – connecting during the lockdown online –

Fasting in Community – fasting in community to support and motivate one another and share our experience, our challenges as well as our realisations –