Our values

While we truly believe in the power of mindfulness, meditation, and reflecting upon life – we aspire to add joy and playfulness to the process of growing as individuals and as a collective. We embrace all emotions while celebrating life.

feel ~ move ~ play

We agree that these are the three most important verb-values we want to include in our offerings – potentially even in this order.

We want to empower everyone to FEEL ALL e-motions, breathe deeply through them, allow what is there. Did you know that e-motions stay on average 90 seconds?

We also want to encourage everyone to MOVE – as it is so important for our physical and mental health – and moving together adds joy usually automatically.

PLAYfulness can be such a gift in our brain-driven society. We are allowed to be silly, to play, to laugh and to get surprised.

science & spirituality ~ transparancy ~ balance

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